Jen O'Neill


I am based in Suffolk, UK and I have been taking pictures since I was small (copying Dad/Grandad) and for 10 years from my early twenties I covered bands/musicians and festivals. I was fortunate to photograph pretty much all of my favourite bands and have my work used far and wide on everything from the front page of my local paper to the stage at Latitude Festival in Suffolk.

Recently, I evaluated what was making me happy and this has coincided with an increasing love of travel. In the last three years I've visited ten different countries with my camera & I have enjoyed taking pictures and using my creativity for myself.

I feel that this is reflected in my pictures here. I like to see them all together in one place. 

Some photos were taken on single trips, others have been taken over multiple visits to the countries.

I shoot with a Canon 5D MK3 and a Google Pixel.